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© Logan Pollard. All rights reserved.

© Logan Pollard. All rights reserved.

— An image captured by yours truly.

You may buy of print of it, from a very good gallery that’ll print & ship it to you, from here.

(I’ve seen the prints on the walls of friends and family in the US, and they’re quite nice. They ship from Germany, so presumably they offer service worldwide.) And for original work not available at the Berlin gallery… 

Why yes, Reader — I’d love for you to buy or showcase my art!

On this site you’ll find a lot of images captured by yours truly. Why? Because I love making beautiful things for you.

Also nice is if you’d like to purchase my work.

Fill out the form below and tell me what you’re looking to purchase, show etc … Want something you haven’t seen yet? Ah, yes, that’s good. Think for a moment about what you’d like. Any info will do – Color/s. Concept. Emotion. Theme. etc. You get the idea. Put that in the ‘I’D LIKE …’ field.

Thank you,



Visit for other stuff.

© 2014 Logan Nakyanzi Pollard. find create joy, books, media and related materials, including fcj. All Rights Reserved. No usage without permission.

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